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This statement has been created in accordance with requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act (CAP. 586) of the laws of Malta. Its aim is to clarify what data we collect from our Clients, why we collect it, how we store it and how we manage it.

We limit the collection, use and retention of the Data to the specific information we need for legitimate purposes to administer our business, to provide you with quality service and offer various services that may be of interest to you. We take appropriate steps to protect Data collected against unauthorized access, disclosure or alteration, and to keep such Data accurate and up to date.

Clients may request information regarding the data we hold about them and may request for it to be updated and/or deleted. We aim to respond to such requests within 30 days.

We collect the following data which will be made available to Amis staff:

Name – we collect your first name and surname.

Gender – we collect this information to enable us to recommend treatment and/or services.

Date of birth/age – we collect this information to confirm eligibility for treatments. Any clients under the age of 17 may require parental consent for certain treatments which can be provided on the separate parental/carer consent forms.

Address – we collect this information solely for the purpose of confirming clients’ identity when booking appointments. This is useful for us when clients share the same name. We do not post information out to addresses.

Contact telephone number – we collect telephone numbers so that we may be able to contact clients.

Email Address – we collect email addresses with the specific purpose of contacting clients. Clients may inform us at if they wish for email address to be removed. It is a client’s responsibility to update us of any new or changes to their email address or preferences.

Medical Information – medical information is requested for certain treatments.  This is requested only to assess suitability for treatments and to give appropriate advice pre- and post-treatment. This information is documented on the clients record so that our therapists are aware of any treatment considerations. As with all information collected it is never shared outside of our organisation and it is treated with respect, consideration and used solely for the purpose of a client’s treatments with us. It is a client’s responsibility to notify us of any medical conditions or changes to medical information pertaining to their treatments.

Treatment history – as per above, this information is noted on the clients record so that our therapists are aware of any treatment considerations.

Preferred therapist – this information is needed so that we would know who is the therapist that you prefer.

All data is stored for 7 years. After such time, the data is disposed of entirely.

Clients may request to see the information we hold about them and may request it to be updated or deleted. This can be done by emailing such requests to and we will get in touch within 30 days to organise this. It is our Policy to delete client records that have not been active – ie where a Client has not visited the centre for an appointment – after 7 years has elapsed.

Contact information for promotional and informative communication – Email address, postal address and contact telephone number might be used occasionally to inform you of offers, promotions and service details being offered by AMIS.  This will be used solely by Nui Business Concepts for AMIS and will not be distributed to third parties.  Tick this box if you do not want to receive information about our services ☐.