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‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step’ Lao Tzu

AMIS is owned by NUI Business Concepts,  a partnership formed with the notion of building a sustainable model of doing business, where big ideas start small. It all began with a connection, an idea, meticulous planning, and so much will power.

One hurdle at a time.. like any other, building resilience, endurance, and strength throughout the journey.  How many times did we utter the words ‘ if we got through this, we could get through everything’,  from permits, to contractors, to financing, to agreements, to pandemics… we encountered it all.

We had a concept.. we believed in it.. now we had to turn it into reality.  It’s not impossible and therefore it can be done.

So here is AMIS that is all about empowering

  • Our clients, by offering treatments that are all about selfcare in a location like no other and at good value.
  • Our team, by offering flexible and profitable working conditions.
  • Our partners, we sought like-minded partners who share our belief that beauty can be cruelty free and does not have to leave a negative impact on our surrounding.

It would be great if we can empower others to follow their well-researched ideas to fruition.  We are happy to share with you a snapshot of our journey.

Mandy & Rebecca