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Introducing our Healthy Hair & Scalp Detox and Nourishing Treatment, a 30 to 40 minute oasis for your hair and scalp. Read on to discover the rejuvenating benefits of this transformative experience and why it’s the perfect remedy for your hair care routine.

The Power of the Treatment: Our Healthy Hair & Scalp Detox and Nourishing Treatment is not just a pampering session; it’s a holistic approach to purify, replenish, and nourish your scalp and hair. Designed to be used monthly or as needed, this treatment is your key to slowing down hair loss, preventing dandruff, and soothing an itchy scalp. Say goodbye to excess sebum accumulation caused by sweating or styling products, and welcome clean, nourished hair.

Innersense Magic: Central to this treatment is the use of Innersense products—crafted from certified organic plant ingredients. These luxurious formulations deliver hydration, health, moisture, shine, and protection to both your hair and scalp. The True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub, a star of the show, boasts two key ingredients that make it incredibly effective.

  1. Hawaiian Red Sea Salt:
    • Derived from rich volcanic clay, this undefined sea salt contains around 80 minerals and is traditionally used by Hawaiians to cleanse and purify.
    • Acts as a gentle exfoliator, removing impurities from the scalp.
  2. Peppermint Oil:
    • Stimulates blood flow, revitalizing your scalp.
    • Provides a refreshing sensation, reducing skin irritation and itching.

The Treatment Process: Immerse yourself in the experience as our expert stylists kick off the treatment with a peppermint scrub to stimulate blood flow. Feel the tension melt away with a head massage infused with citrus and sage extracts. Finally, revel in the rejuvenation as a hydration hair mask works its magic, rebalancing your scalp and hair health. The application is further activated through the professional use of hair steaming. When steam is applied to the hair and scalp, the moist heat opens the hair cuticle to allow benefits of treatment, oil, and mask to penetrate deeper into the hair fibre for maximum hydration. The moisture in combination with the heat of a steamer allows the cuticle to be infused with water and treatment allowing the ingredients to penetrate deeper.

The benefits of hair steaming

  • Enhanced Product Absorption; for more moisturised and deeply conditioned hair and scalp.
  • Removes build-up of toxins and unclogs pores; for increased production of collagen and circulation to the scalp thereby encouraging healthy hair growth.
  • Improves hair elasticity; thereby enhancing the ability for the hair to stretch and shrink without breaking.

Special Offer for January: To kickstart the year on a beautiful note, we’re offering a special deal for the month of January. With every Healthy Hair & Scalp Detox and Nourishing Treatment, enjoy a complimentary blow dry for short hair (up to ear level). For medium and long hair, avail the blow dry at a reduced rate of €10 (instead of €15 and €18).

A Sensorial Journey: Envelop your senses in the healing aroma of peppermint, citrus, vanilla, and sage. Your hair deserves the best, and our Healthy Hair & Scalp Detox and Nourishing Treatment is here to deliver just that. Book your session now for a treatment goes beyond hair care—it’s a relaxation and rejuvenation experience for both your mind and body.

Book online or contact us on +356 2798 8376,, @amismalta.